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Copper Forged Hammered Metal Picture Frame

Width: 1 1/16
Height: 1 1/8
Rabbet Height: 1 
Artwork Size: 14  x 18  ( Change Size )
Price: $55.93
Larson Juhl - 335556
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The look of forged copper with a hammered finish is what sets this picture frame into a category of uniquely magical designs. The frame looks like copper, but it is in fact finished on a wood substrate. Even the distress markings appear like pock marks from a molten metal that has solidified while air pockets burst across the surface.

To emphasize the oddity of materials being designed to look like other materials altogether, consider the sculptor Deborah Butterfield, whose art pieces depict horses made of drift wood. Upon further inspection, the viewer discovers that her work is in fact made of bronze, and this creates another layer of awe and appreciation for her work.

In much the same way, this forged copper wood picture frame celebrates the artistic tradition of rendering images that deceive the eye and mind. An added benefit of having a wood frame over actual copper is the lower cost, and also the comparatively minimal weight of a wood substrate.

Themes and styles to consider when choosing this copper-colored picture frame include warm Tuscan landscapes and vineyard scenes, along with Arabian styles that emphasize hot colors such as red and yellow. Industrial design settings are also appropriate, as are medieval design themes.

Project Details
Frame [V550] Change
Inside Dimensions: 14  x 18 
Approximate Outside Dimensions: 15 3/4 x 19 3/4
Width 1 1/16
Height 1 1/8
Rabbet Height 1 
Cost Per Frame: $55.93
Quantity: 1
Total Cost: $55.93
Pricing for 1 package
Frame: $55.93
Total: $55.93
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