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Canvas Natural Picture Frame

Width: 7/8
Height: 1 3/16
Rabbet Height: 3/4
Artwork Size: 8  x 10  ( Change Size )
Price: $25.41
Use the options below to create a complete package including mats, acrylic, backing board and much more!

This real wood picture frame features a soft, natural toned, unfinished wood veneer that can be left as-is for a light, down-to-earth look, or it can be stained, oiled, or waxed for a hand-finished look. The profile width is 7/8”, and the rabbet depth is also 7/8”, making this profile ideal for art materials up to 1” deep, whether on paper, canvas, or other materials.

The light, natural look of this unfinished veneer wood picture frame lends itself to soft, monochromatic color schemes and imagery, along with nature art that is clean and serene, such as paintings of green leaves in the springtime, summer landscapes, and autumn trees that are beginning to turn.

The profile shape of this unfinished veneer wood picture frame also lends itself to a clean, signature look for artists in a gallery show, where a standard black frame just won’t do. Matted works on paper are especially complementary to this frame.

Mats to consider from our acid free selection include Ivory Art 9808, Tusk 9516, White Art 9802, Antwerpen 9849, Fossil 9511, Brown Sugar 9586, Blue Night 9830, Blue Moon 9625, Sweet Tart 9608, Rose Bush 9871, Coho 9569, and Milk Shake 9588.

Project Details
Frame [V263] Change
Inside Dimensions: 8  x 10 
Approximate Outside Dimensions: 9 3/8 x 11 3/8
Width 7/8
Height 1 3/16
Rabbet Height 3/4
Cost Per Frame: $25.41
Quantity: 1
Total Cost: $25.41
Pricing for 1 package
Frame: $25.41
Total: $25.41
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