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Vintage Picture Frame Look In Black And Silver - V111

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This embossed black picture frame moulding features a silver inner lip that offers the look of a concave scooped fillet. The warm black body of the profile is flat, with round, embossed indentations throughout the finish reminiscent of lunar pock marks, and a concave scoop along the outer edge of the profile.

The profile is 1 13/16” wide, with a rabbet depth of 7/16”, making this embossed black picture frame ideal for matted artwork on paper, along with other, relatively thin artwork. The manufacturer of this black picture frame moulding titled this moulding “Luna Noche”, which translates to “Moonlit Night”. There are small spots all over the black area of the finish that resemble moon craters and the silver shimmer of the inner lip adds to this lunar theme, which is ideal for whimsical and romantic artwork in a contemporary style.

Prints and posters of artwork by Jack Vettriano such as The Singing Butler, or Dancer in Emerald would be an excellent pairing with this embossed black picture frame, as would artwork that represents the lunar theme such as Lunar Phases by Taylan Soyturk.

Possible matting options that complement this embossed black picture frame include acid free archival mat colors such as Field Mouse 9597, Olive Branch 9532, Wise Green 9527, and Black-N-Blue 9887.