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If you've never been to Oregon it's a beautiful wonderland of trees, beaches, mountains, and outdoor adventures on gorgeous landscapes. It's a perfect backdrop to make art. The university town of Eugene is an urban hub for nature lovers. We're located a block south of REI at 4th and Lawrence - at the edge of the bustling Whitaker art scene. Please visit our showroom when you're in the area! In addition to our online custom supply business, we also offer full-service framing in our Vistra Framing and Gallery showroom. Our address is 411 W. 4th Ave. Eugene, Oregon 97401 Our local phone number is 541-343-0641
Visit our local showroom. We can help you get started with you D.I.Y. framing project. Pick up your materials locally and there will be no shipping charges. Visit us at 411 West 4th Ave. Eugene oregon. Local phone number 541.654.4556