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Bulk Mat Bundles

Buy art mats in bulk and discover how to sell art prints the right way. The best way to sell prints of your art is to increase the size with picture mats in bulk and artist display sleeves. These picture mats for artists are cut in our shop from Crescent mat boards using precision computerized mat cutters. Choose from acid free archival mats or cheap paper mats in bulk.
These mat board bundles are cut in our shop from Crescent mat boards. We cut these high quality domestic mat boards with precision computerized (CNC) machines run by picky operators. You will not be disappointed in the quality. This page included bundles in the following:
  • Single decorative 4 ply paper mats
  • Single acid free 4ply mats
  • Double decorative 4ply paper mats
  • Double acid free 4ply mats
  • Single acid free 8ply mats
  • There are 3 mat board choices on this page.
  • Decorative Paper Mat Boards (Crescent Berkshire): Select this mat board option if you want to get a low cost mat board, they are about half the cost of acid free mats. These mats are not acid free mats. They are what furniture framing companies use for production framing. Many artists love these mats because they are great mats and the cost is low.
  • Acid free conservation archival mat Boards (Crescent Select): Select this mat board option if you want to go with an acid free mat board. These mats are safe to use on original fine art. They are safe to come in contact your fine art work.
  • Crescent Select Conservation Solids: Select these mat boards if you want an exaggerated mat look. They give great depth of feel and are exceptional for protecting your works of art. Each 8ply mat board features the same color throughout the mat so the mat board's core is an exact color match to allow maximum versatility and usability.
  • We have made every effort to make the mat board colors look as close as we can to their true colors but they are not perfect because everyone's monitor colors come across a bit different. There are over a million whites in the world so showing you the subtle differences online is impossible. If you need to make sure about the mat board colors before you order mat bundles then please see our mat board samples ordering area.