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Picture Framing Videos

We offer a variety of picture framing videos to help you with common framing techniques. Watch people that have years of framing experience show you how to do many common framing processes you can do to save yourself money.
How to hinge artwork into a mat. This video will show you a couple of different methods on how to properly attach paper art into a picture frame mat.
Large wood picture frame with dove tail inserts by a Pro.
Watch a pro assemble a wood picture frame with dove tail inserts. PART 1
Watch a pro assemble a wood picture frame with dove tail inserts. PART 2
How to Install a stretched canvas wood frame. This video will show you how to attach art into a picture frame frame.
How to Install a stretched canvas or art panel into a floater frame. This video will show you two different ways to attach a art into a picture frame frame.
See three different ways to measure artwork so that when you order frames and mats they are the correct size.
In this video, I'm going to go over a few different scenarios on how to measure to get the mat size right for your art.
The art of a metal picture frame fit. Explanation of assembling metal frame parts together with hardware, glazing (acrylic), art, and backing board.
Wood frame assembling and fitting. Explanation of assembling glazing (glass or acrylic), art, backing board, hanging hardware into a wood frame.
A hanging hardware kit provides all the components you need to get wire on the back of your frame so it’s ready to hang.
Art Securing Hardware is the hardware that holds your artwork and other components into the back of the frame.
A push point glazier is a sharp point, that's going to keep all of the materials inside of this frame so they do not fall out the back.
An easel back is a framing accessory that allows you to stand a frame up on a desk or a table top.
Glass spacers installed into a wood frame. Econo spacers are used so that artwork does not come in contact with glazing (glass or acrylic).
What do I need to order with my frame? When I order a frame what comes with it?
This video briefly explains how we price our mats. We have five different categories of mats, from economy and archival, to 8-ply and black-core.
Do I want a mat with my art? Do you want color around your art? If you have original art and you do not want to have the glazing (glass or acrylic) touch your arts surface the answer might be yes.
How big should the mat be on my artwork? Do I want skinny mats or large mats?
A reverse bevel is simply a mat that has been cut in the opposite way, so that the bevel is facing the art and not visible in your design.
A V-groove on a picture frame mat is a little groove cut into the mat so you see a little bit of the core of the mat.
This video explains why you might want a single, double, or triple mat around your art.
Single picture frame mat defined.
Double picture frame mat defined.
Triple picture frame mat defined.
This video shows what a fillet looks like inside a mat. A fillet is a small wood frame strip that attaches either to the perimeter of a window on a mat, or under the lip of a wood picture frame.
Brief explanation as to why you may want to use conservation materials when you frame your art. Especially when you are framing originals. Proof that conservation mats and glazing's are important.
Glass vs Acrylic. What option should I use in my frame?
Acrylic - Overview
Regular acrylic glazing explained.
Non-glare acrylic glazing explained.
Conservation (UV) acrylic glazing explained.
Conservation non-glare (UVNG) acrylic glazing explained.
Optium acrylic glazing explained.
Picture frame glass type's explained. What are the differences between regular, reflection control, conservation, anti-reflective and museum glass?
Regular glass by True Vue is a basic and affordable option that is about three thirty-seconds of an inch thick.
Non-Glare glass is also referred to as Reflection Control glass.
Conservation Clear glass is a TruVue product that blocks 99% of UV light, and it's 1/16th of an inch thick.
Anti-Reflective glass looks incredible, just like Museum glass in terms of clarity and how it cuts down on mirror-like reflections.
Museum glass is a Tru Vue brand product that blocks 99% of harmful UV rays to protect against fading.
Backing board overview. What are all the types of backing available?
Backing board regular foam core explained.
Backing board acid free foam core explained.
Backing board acid free black foam core explained.
Backing board mat board explained.
Backing board cardboard explained.
Backing board gator foam explained.
Dust cover a wood picture frame with a paper back.
Flatten poster by doing a reverse roll
Linen liner picture frame defined.
Cutting and joining a frame. Watch Brian cut and join a frame start to finish.
Easy way to ship a picture frame.
Check out our new facility. Not quite done yet but getting there!
Are you trying to create a custom frame? Our free videos explain the inside tips on creating a video. We will never charge for our knowledge and we will be making more videos for sure.