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Web Picture Frames is the internet outlet for our family owned and operated business, Vistra Framing & Gallery. We began in the arts and crafts industry in the seventies, selling a combination of woodworking and stained glass products. Through an evolution of the business, we embraced custom picture framing over 30 years ago. You will discover that small and dedicated will give you a better product, price and variety.

Discount Custom Framing

We understood the challenges artists faced trying to purchase quality framing materials at a fair price so we started selling custom framing components for local artists and DIY'ers over 20 years ago. Selling on the internet greatly expanded our reach. Our local discounted prices became our everyday price online.In fact the expansion of our business allowed us to have even lower prices. We encourage you to checkout the competition, but do not ever forget to BOOKMARK US. You will want to come back. All of our frames are either real wood or metal. They are never plastic or MDF. Purchase everything you need to finish your project, acrylic glazing, backing boards, mats, & accessories with our custom framing application. Start building a custom wood frames or start building a custom metal frame.

Plein Air Frames

We sell gallery quality plein air frames from Omega. Each plein air frame is created according to industry standards, which is 1/8th inch larger than the size selected, this provides an excellent fit for the artwork without sliding or buckling. We quality control these frames when they arrive at our facility. Multiple sets of eyes see them before they ship. See our Plein Air Frames

Picture Mats

Custom mats, collage mats, mat bundles and full sheets of mat board can all be purchased at discount prices. Mats are automatically discounted when you purchase multiples of any mat type (custom, fullsheets, or collage mats). We have both archival and economy mats. 4ply, 8ply, metallic, and black core mats are all available. Start building a custom mat.

Picture Framing Supplies

We recognize that framing hardware, glass spacers and artists tape are necessary parts of the completed frame. Some of these items are hard to find. So we created a section of the site where you can buy what you need to finish the framing. See our framing supplies.
Lloyd & Scott Lewis