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White Picture Frames Offer A Refreshing Minimalist Aesthetic

White picture frames are modern in every sense of the word. On a white wall, these frame profiles emphasize what is most essential to artists and designers: the art within. As an option for living spaces, white gallery wall frames look particularly crisp on a medium gray wall or colorful accent wall. Interior designers & home decor enthusiasts love this trendy look. Even white poster frame projects can set off a cool music or movie poster on a colorful accent wall. Whether your environment is cool or warm, light or dark, & subdued or bright, our white wood frame offerings will provide a quintessential look. To get started, simply click on the frame profile you like below, then on the next page, select options under Customize Your Design.
Currently Pricing 8 x 10 Picture Frames
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Thin White Frame For Small Picture
Width: 1/2  |  Rabbet Height : 7/16
Flat white matte picture frame. Frame is 1/2 inch.
White Picture Frame
Width: 7/8  |  Rabbet Height : 9/16
Simple, basic white picture frame is a popular choice for small to medium sized artwork.
Simple White Cube
Width: 1 1/8  |  Rabbet Height : 15/16
Simple white cube picture frame.
White Gallery Wall Frame
Width: 7/8  |  Rabbet Height : 1
White picture frame. Great depth frame with a modern look for canvas art.
White Shadow Box Frame
Width: 1  |  Rabbet Height : 1 5/8
Perfect for minimalist shadow box designs and deep canvas paintings.
Cube White Gallery Frame
Width: 1 5/8  |  Rabbet Height : 1
White cube shaped picture frame.
Contemporary Beveled White
Width: 7/8  |  Rabbet Height : 7/8
Contemporary medium wedge.
White Wood Frame
Width: 1 1/4  |  Rabbet Height : 1/2
Great modern white picture frame style.
White Wash Picture Frame
Width: 3/4  |  Rabbet Height : 1
Simple white-wash frame offers a light wood grain appearance.
White Washed Wood Frame
Width: 1  |  Rabbet Height : 1
Two-toned white and natural wood picture frame with a modern, sleek, and refreshingly crisp look.
White Panel Frame
Width: 1 3/8  |  Rabbet Height : 1/2
Traditional shaped white panel frame.
Distressed White Picture Frame
Width: 1 1/2  |  Rabbet Height : 1/2
Rustic white picture frames offer a country white vintage look.
It's easy to get started framing with white picture frames. Simply choose a white frame profile you like, then customize your design with all the options available from the project page. Choose mats, glass, foam core mounting board, and more.