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Matte Black Frame - V113

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This iconic matte black frame is probably the black picture frame you had in mind if you were looking for a standard, basic wall frame for art, posters, and photography. You could spend hours searching the internet for such a frame, but this is the one you were likely imagining. This profile is 1-1/4” wide, and features a 11/16” rabbet depth.

The look and feel of this matte black frame is urban, and fits in the context of gallery settings as well as contemporary home decor. The versatility of this standard, basic black picture frame knows no bounds. You could use this frame on prints, posters, paintings, and photographs; colorful art, subdued art, geometric art, organic art; works on canvas, works on paper, children’s art, and the list goes on.

A key benefit of choosing a matte black frame such as this is the neutral quality in which attention is drawn to the art and not to the frame. For this reason, you could use this frame by itself for medium or large items, or you could have matting around your art, such as a wide 8-ply mat.

Attn: We have a sub due to covid on this moulding. It is the same look just not quite as tall.

For black and white photography, consider a black, white, or gray mat. For colorful artwork, consider colors that match the intensity or saturation of the color in your art. If the art is mostly dark, consider a dark mat. If the art is in a mostly mid-tone value range, consider a mid-tone mat. If the artwork has plenty of contrast in terms of light and dark, consider a white mat that will contrast nicely with this standard, basic black picture frame.

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