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Simple Black Picture Frame - V1623

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If you’re the kind of person that has difficulty making decisions, then this is your go-to simple black picture frame. It might just save the day, but more than likely will save you 20 minutes of designing when all you want is simplicity, neutrality, and versatility. No frills, just a black gesso wood frame.

The profile features a 3/4” wide, flat face and a rabbet depth of 5/8”, making it ideal for both matted works of art on paper and also thin stretched canvases. Perhaps the best use of this simple black picture frame involves series work, such as a black & white photography collection.

If you’re a photographer or fine artist, this simple black picture frame is an economical standard for framing large quantities of artwork for a show. Pair with a large 4” matboard such as 9500 White Glove, and you’ll have a gorgeous gallery style look that turns eyes when displayed in a series as a clean single-file row, or a gallery salon grouping from floor to ceiling.

Finally consider the depth of this frame, and compare to V1300. You’ll find that both frame profiles have the same look on the front, but V1300 is 1/4” deeper. If you want more depth, go with V1300, and if you want economy, you might stay with V1623. Of course, if you can’t escape a complicated decision-making process, consider V519, which is slightly beefier than V1623.

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