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Gold Baroque Frame - V114

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This ornate gold fluted wood picture frame by Omega Moulding offers a regal design style perfect for settings where luxurious and opulent warm colors meet decadent patterns and decorative detailing. The profile width is 2”, and the rabbet depth is 5/8”.

The profile of this ornate gold fluted wood picture frame starts at the inner lip with a weathered wash over gold tones, with a red and gold ridge that is interrupted lengthwise by a knot pattern every 3”.

From there, the body of the profile rises in a scoop fashion, with an oval line and dot pattern that overlaps a fluted series of lines, with red highlights and gray wash in the crevices. Finally, the outer ridge features an organic plant-like pattern that repeats every 4”, followed by a concave scoop down to the outer wall of this Omega wood picture frame moulding.

Artwork that might complement the look of this ornate gold fluted frame profile includes exotic animal paintings and prints such as the work of Henri Rousseau, along with vintage classical portraiture, still life home decor paintings, and beveled mirrors, along with fine art posters featuring renaissance and baroque imagery.

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