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Purple Picture Frame - V515

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This purple picture frame moulding is a fun and vibrant choice for multiple occasions, from framing playful children’s art, to showing off a poster with your favorite inspirational poem, to celebrating photo memories of your time at a Huskies game at the University of Washington. Purple is also a symbol of creativity, devotion, magic, and of course, royalty.

The profile of this purple picture frame is flat across the front, with a 7/8” width. The rabbet depth is 9/16”, which will accommodate just about any matted works on paper. Other uses include framing canvas or panels, but you’ll need to be aware of the depth of your material, and realize that the art might stick out the back of the frame if it’s too deep.

You could also consider this vibrant and playful purple picture frame as a liner in a double-stack. This would involve placing two moulding profiles together to achieve a new combination look. You could select a larger and wider frame such as black or gold, and the purple picture frame would sit under the lip of the outer frame. Once you’ve selected your frame combination, feel free to call us over the phone to place your order, as stacked framing is not currently available on the website.

Finally, if you like the profile but would prefer a different color, you’re in luck. This purple picture frame profile is also available in black, white, red, orange, blue, yellow, and several more colors.

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