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Black And White Picture Frame - V517

When a standard black picture frame isn’t enough, try this sleek, black picture frame which features the classy look of metallic silver pin-striping along both edges of the profile to highlight the elegance of a nighttime flat black aesthetic.

In terms of fashion, the style of this contemporary black picture frame is reminiscent of a sharp tuxedo or little black dress. It is ideal for romantic portraits, as well as wedding photos and black and white photography. The profile is 13/16” wide.

Due to the substantial rabbet depth of 1”, this contemporary black picture frame with silver highlights is also the ideal profile shape for stretched canvases, such as giclee prints of digital photography on canvas. Landscapes, churches, the open road, sports cars, and anything with a romantic honeymoon vibe would be appropriate for the classy feel of this contemporary black picture frame.

Acid free archival mats to consider with this frame include Etched Black 5598, Black Belt 9632, Pewter 9895, and White Glove 9500. For an extra wide bevel, consider White 25702 from our selection of 8-ply acid free mats.

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