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Antique Black Picture Frame - V120

This antique black picture frame offers an historic engraved pattern look over a gesso base on a wood substrate. The crevices are then coated in a gray wash to mimic aging. The profile width is 1-9/16”, and the rabbet depth is 7/16”.

The aged pattern characteristics of this antique black wood picture frame pair with historic art and calligraphy such as religious writings and transcripts, along with rough-textured art that utilizes impasto techniques. Monochromatic color schemes in shades of sand, olive, and dusty gray and black are also appropriate pairings.

Due to the limited rabbet depth of this textured antique black picture frame, artworks that will function best in this profile include matted works on paper, along with canvas boards and original art on thin rigid hardboard panels.

Matted artwork on paper that may be accommodated by this textured black wood picture frame include etchings, lithographs, giclée prints, fine art posters, watercolor paintings, charcoal and graphite drawings, and more.

Mat colors you might want to consider with this textured black wood picture frame include Crescent Select options such as Hedge Hog 9530, Fuzz 9612, Field Mouse 9597, Fresh Brew 9590, Sienna 9818, Pewter 9895, Black Belt 9632, Coffee Bean 9842, Underbrush 9603, and Rhino 9629.

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