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Gray Frame - V592

There’s no secret that nature provides the best camouflage, and this rustic wood picture frame moulding accentuates that quality for artwork featuring rocks and boulders, snow, wild animals, and other wintery elements. Additional themes include abstract paintings in cool tones, such as non-objective works made with pallet knife.

The profile is 2-3/8” wide, and starts from the inner lip with a flat and slightly ascending slope toward the outer edge of the body, followed by a groove and a rounded swan shape leading to the outside.

The base layer of the finish is a gray and blue wash, which can be seen on the rounded swan section of the profile and the outer edge. On the flat incline of the body, two additional layers sit on the surface; first, a distressed layer of white, followed by a distressed wash of gray. The overall finish also features markings throughout the main body section to accentuate a look of distress and camouflage.

Perhaps the best use of this rustic, camouflage picture frame would be to frame limited edition giclée prints on paper, but this moulding could also work well for paintings on canvas. Some archival matboards that might pair nicely with this picture frame include Sandhurst 9862 and Dark Shale 9846.

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