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Small Antique Looking Picture Frame - V124

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Gold and black are always in fashion with this contemporary cosmopolitan wood picture frame. This simple, classy, elegant look is versatile across cultures, and complements art from around the world. The profile width is 1-3/16”, and the rabbet depth is 3/8”, so matted paper items are best suited for the depth of this frame, along with beveled mirrors and thin canvas boards.

The inner lip of this wood picture frame starts with a rounded gold protrusion that features a miniature step to emphasize reflection off the gold colored finish. Next up is a recessed flat strip of black, which varies in dark value on the edges to simulate aging. From there, gold ascends to a ridge, and then drops back along a black outer wall that also features a small step.

Artwork that aesthetically works in context to this gold and black cosmopolitan wood picture frame includes Egyptian art, British neoclassical art, American art that relates to the Federal style, Arabian art such as burgundy red tapestry designs, urban contemporary art that complements Northern American cities like Chicago, New York, and Seattle, and also Asian art such as ink wash paintings of flowers, bamboo, horses, and dragons.

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