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Broken Gold Red Finish Picture Frame - V231

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This nearly 4” wide, decorative gold and copper, French Country style wood picture frame features a unique embossed pattern along both the inside and outside edges of the profile, with a slight convex scoop on the smooth center section of the profile.

This picture frame represents a traditional look for soothing landscape paintings, and for any artwork used for decorative purposes. Themes that would pair well with this frame include paintings of horses, golf courses and green pastures or parks, wildlife art such as elk and bighorn sheep, and paintings that represent autumn and falling leaves, such as waterfalls and hillsides with bursting orange, yellow, and red colors.

This gold and copper, French Country style wood picture frame is ideal for beveled mirrors, and would be a wise choice in conjunction with an interior design or decorator plan to complement and tie in other parts of a room, especially warm, relaxing environments such as living rooms, dens, and foyers or lobbies.

Matboard colors that might complement this gold and copper, picture frame include archival acid free mats Catcher’s Mitt 9584, Root Beer 9585, and Fresh Brew 9590, or perhaps a more earthy gray combination such as Hedge Hog 9530, Silly Putty 9529, and Sienna 9818.