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Optium Museum Acrylic - AcrOpt

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There is no other picture frame glazing in the world that compares to the virtuous characteristics of Optium Museum Acrylic. It is simply the best picture frame glazing your money can buy.

In addition to meeting rigorous conservation standards, Optium Museum Acrylic utilizes patented Tru Vue technology to achieve an ultra-clear, magnetron-sputtered anti-reflective, anti-static coating that is atomically bonded to an abrasion-resistant UV-filtering sheet of 1/8” acrylic.

In other words, Optium Museum Acrylic is shatter-resistant, scratch-resistant, optically clear, practically invisible, UV-protective to prevent fading, ultra light, and won’t attract dust while you’re assembling your framing project. Nothing compares to Optium.

Optium Museum Acrylic comes with a protective film on both sides. Either side may face out when assembling your framing project. To handle your Optium sheet, wear cotton or nitrile gloves to prevent smudges, and peel back the protective film from both sides. No cleaning is required if you are careful with initial handling.

If cleaning becomes necessary, dampen a clean microfiber cloth with plastic or glass cleaner that is ammonia-free, and wipe lightly until moisture evaporates immediately upon wiping. In the event that double stick residue or goo adheres to the Optium surface, use a Q-tip loaded with 100% naptha to spot- clean the surface.

Take special care not to handle Optium Museum Acrylic more than necessary, simply because it will require more time and attention to complete your project. In summary, wear nitrile gloves, peel back the protective layer on both sides, and set your Optium Museum Acrylic into your framing assembly.
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