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Silver Frame - v492

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Frame  $38.72
Acrylic Glass  $5.53
Mounting Board  $1.92
Hanging Hardware  $1.95
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Package Price: $48.12
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This gorgeous, silver Federal-style picture frame is an excellent choice for home interior design settings that draw upon the rich ideals of the neoclassical era, in which classical styles are met with the historical sensibilities of the Enlightenment or Age of Reason, which predates modernism.

The profile of this picture frame starts at the inner lip with a duck bill shape, followed by a flat recess about 1” wide, from which a series of rounded steps incline toward a peak at the outer edge of the frame. The profile width is 2”, and the rabbet depth is 5/8”.

This silver picture frame is ideal for antique or vintage illustrations of battleships, good will ships, sailboats, maps, and literature from the neoclassical era. It is also a strong choice for documents such as prestigious degrees and awards, in addition to original fine art, prints, and posters.

Due to the overall shape and depth of this silver Federal-style picture frame, canvases that are stretched around a stretcher bar or strainer might be excellent candidates for this picture frame, but extra deep canvases might be more suited to a deeper frame.

Finally, consider using this frame to float thin canvas panels or rigid hardboard panels on a solid black backing material. The idea is that you can visually see right to the edge of the art, and the art will appear suspended in the frame by having a window size that is larger than the art.

Design Pricing and Details
Frame [v492] Change
Inside Dimensions: 8 x 10
Approximate Outside Dimensions: 11 5/8 x 13 5/8
Width 2
Height 1 3/8
Rabbet Height 5/8
Cost Per Frame $38.72
Quantity: 1
Total Cost: $38.72
Acrylic/Glass [AcrReg] Change
Sheet Dimensions: 8 x 10
Cost Per Sheet: $5.53
Quantity: 1
Total Cost: $5.53
Mounting Board [FCreg] Change
Sheet Dimensions: 8 x 10
Cost Per Sheet: $1.92
Quantity: 1
Total Cost: $1.92
Hanging Hardware [WoodHanger] Change
Cost Per Set: $1.95
Quantity: 1
Total Cost: $1.95
Pricing for 1 package
Frame: $38.72
Acrylic/Glass: $5.53
Mounting Board: $1.92
Hanging Hardware: $1.95
Total: $48.12
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