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Copper Metallic Picture Frame Grey Mottled Wash

Width: 1 1/2
Height: 3/4
Rabbet Height: 1/2
Artwork Size: 14  x 18  ( Change Size )
Price: $33.78
Framers Inventory - 800245
Use the options below to create a complete package including mats, acrylic, backing board and much more!

This dark, copper-toned wood picture frame moulding offers a unique, understated metallic look, ideally suited for both contemporary and vintage imagery. The profile shape starts at the inner lip with a slight convex curve across the first inch of the body, followed by a step down, and then a convex rounded shape down toward the outer edge of the picture frame. The overall profile width is 1 ½”.

The feel of this dark copper picture frame is reminiscent of quality metals used at the height of the WW2 manufacturing era. Possible uses include framing aviation-themed vintage photos and posters, such as airplanes, bombers, and postal planes. Black and white or sepia-toned photos and vintage portraits might also be enhanced by the look of this picture frame.

Consider this dark copper picture frame moulding for paintings, posters, and fine art prints that feature a warm maroon or gray color scheme. Possible matboard combinations acid-free archival double mat combinations such as Field Mouse 9597 and Coffee Bean 9842, or Bambi 9589 and Mocha Green 9826.

Finally, this dark copper picture frame might be enhanced by incorporating a fillet under the lip, such as our beaded F101 Imperial Black, or scooped F106 Black.

Project Details
Frame [V1306] Change
Inside Dimensions: 14  x 18 
Approximate Outside Dimensions: 16 5/8 x 20 5/8
Width 1 1/2
Height 3/4
Rabbet Height 1/2
Cost Per Frame: $33.78
Quantity: 1
Total Cost: $33.78
Pricing for 1 package
Frame: $33.78
Total: $33.78
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