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Black Picture Frame - V519

Your Search For The Quintessential Black Picture Frame Is Over.

So you’re shopping black picture frames that are “no frills” and right to the point. Maybe you’re limited on time and get overwhelmed by the vast selection of black frame options. This picture frame moulding might be the answer to your heart’s desires.

With a 7/8” width across a flat face, and a 7/8” outside depth, this black picture frame is made of real wood features a gesso coat for a smooth finish. The inside lip is 5/16”deep, and the rabbet depth is 9/16”.

The feel of this black picture frame is contemporary, urban, and obvious. Imagine walking on a rainy day through the bustling streets of downtown Chicago, New York, or Seattle, and you will have captured the essence of this popular and fashionable picture frame moulding. But let’s be clear: it is a black frame. It goes with everything.

Are you framing black & white photography for a gallery exhibition? This is your frame. Color photography? Prints or ink drawings? Perhaps you have a cool screen-printed concert poster or movie poster. Again, this frame is a practical choice to meet your needs. Even original paintings such as oil or acrylic on panels would be accommodated by this simple black frame moulding.

And if you like the profile but want a different color, you’re in luck. This frame is available in blue, yellow, white, red, orange, and several more colors.

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