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Large Cherry Picture Frame - V485

This genuine, solid cherry hardwood picture frame is made in the USA, and features a real cherry wood grain, delivering a substantial sense of heft due to the blocky profile shape that features a flat 2-1/4” width and 1-1/4” outside depth. The rabbet depth on this solid cherry hardwood picture frame is 1”, which is ideal for substantially thick art and heavier items such as mirrors.

The natural look and feel of this solid cherry picture frame is ideal for many design settings, from Arts & Crafts to Zen, and from Northwestern to Southwestern. The harvest of this solid cherry hardwood picture frame moulding comes from the Cumberland Gap region of the Appalachian Mountains.

Aside from the natural wood grain variations that distinguish each stick as genuine solid cherry hardwood, this picture frame is also unique in its versatility and function in regards to a DIY mindset. To the DIYer, this picture frame could be used to frame out a homemade dining or coffee table, or a homemade chess board, or it could be hand carved, or illustrated with various designs using the method of wood-burning.

In terms of art themes or genres, this genuine solid cherry hardwood picture frame that’s made in the United States is ideal for subdued and peaceful imagery that points to nature, such as forest and ocean scenes, along with botanical illustrations, maps, and wildlife. Of course, natural wood grain is extremely versatile, and can be used for many other styles.

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