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Floating Frame For Canvas - V1297

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This frame will support artwork up to 1 1/2" deep
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Frame  $33.25
Hanging Hardware  $1.95
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Package Price: $35.20
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This floating frame for canvas is black with open grain texture. It's perfect for art that is 1-1/2" thick or less. Ideal for canvas paintings and also rigid panels such as encaustic wax paintings and epoxy-finished artworks on board.

Featuring an open-grain texture, this floating frame for canvas is ideal for artists traveling to art fairs and festivals. Its ideal because the finish is forgiving with regard to touch-up. There is no gesso between the open-grain wood and the black finish, meaning that chips and dings caused by excessive transport are easily hidden with a dab of color.

A versatile way to use this floating frame for canvas involves having us build risers or provide offset clips for the art securing hardware.

For example, metal prints, acrylic face-mounts, laminated gatorboard prints, and deckled watercolor paper that is sealed with a clear coat may all float above this floating frame for canvas, even though they are not technically stretched canvas paintings.

Design Pricing and Details
Frame [V1297] Change
Inside Dimensions: 8 x 10
Approximate Outside Dimensions: 8 5/8 x 10 5/8
Floater Reveal 0
Width 5/16
Height 2 1/4
Rabbet Height 1 5/8
Supports artwork up to 1 1/2'' deep
Cost Per Frame $33.25
Quantity: 1
Total Cost: $33.25
Hanging Hardware [WoodHanger] Change
Cost Per Set: $1.95
Quantity: 1
Total Cost: $1.95
Pricing for 1 package
Frame: $33.25
Hanging Hardware: $1.95
Total: $35.20