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White Wash Picture Frame - V472

This simple white-wash picture frame offers a light wood grain appearance that is best suited for serene beach cottage settings. The clean rectangular profile shape of this white-wash picture frame fits with a multitude of wall décor and fine art applications.

With a 1 inch rabbet depth, this white-wash picture frame is the appropriate depth for most stretched canvas paintings. You could also add a fabric frame liner such as 2” Linc-wt, to extend the overall presentation value as a white-wash canvas frame.

For matted drawings, paintings, photographs, and other artworks on paper, this soft white picture frame also provides enough technical depth to accomplish unique design choices. Floral watercolor paintings, for example, may be floated on mat board to reveal deckled edges. This white frame is deep enough to float watercolors.

If you are a DIY shadow box expert, try building up the walls about 5/8” to sink your matted artwork far behind the acrylic glass. This would require additional shadow box material not offered in your package, however, 1/4” glass spacers would also achieve this look to a lesser extent, all while staying within this white picture frame’s rabbet depth parameters.
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