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Black Brown Picture Frame - v1340

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When you’re looking for a rustic picture frame that fits a country western cowboy motif, look no further than our V1340 scooped black burl moulding. Hard, rough, and full of character and spirit, this moulding is a perfect complement to a warm, quaint, and rural setting.

The profile starts with a small, dusty brown bead along the inner lip, followed by a thin strip of aged brown coloring that meets a deckled burl protrusion. The profile scoops upward in a concave fashion, followed by another deckled edge of the black burl, which tapers off to the flat, brown outer edge of the profile face. Each area of the profile features distress markings, along with a gray wash made to mimic the look of age or a fine rottenstone dusting.

When selecting this moulding, consider the rabbet depth of 3/8”. If your artwork is thick, you may want to choose a frame with a deeper rabbet. This profile is ideal for matted fine art prints and original artwork on paper. In the appropriate decorative setting, this picture frame might even make for an interesting mirror frame. This frame could also be ideal for framing original art that is made on thin panels.