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Gallery Photo Frame in Gray - V478

Gallery Photo Frames are wall frames that are great for displaying fine art photography or drawings and prints. This simple weathered gray picture frame is a delight for price-conscious shoppers and home décor enthusiasts. The profile finish is a quality laminate veneer to keep the price affordable, while the substrate is real wood to maintain structural integrity.

The appearance of cool gray wood grain in a gray picture frame offers a soothing aesthetic that is neutral enough to be in an artist’s signature repertoire of gallery photo frames. The rabbet depth is 1 inch, and is ideal as a gray canvas frame, or as a matted gray frame option for art prints and drawings.

Home décor experts and interior designers might find the cool tonality of this gray gallery photo frame to be sophisticated in its postmodern simplicity, even though the price is tremendously lower than more complex weathered frame finishes. With a flat face that is 3/4” wide, this simple gray gallery frame style is versatile for just about any type of DIY framing project, but especially for living room wall art, kitchens, or bathroom art.

Compared to warmer versions of this wood picture frame profile, the cool gray color option of V478 appears more of a bluish gray than other color choices.
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