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Distressed Picture Frame Tan - v1346

This rustic light taupe and bone-colored scooped wood picture frame offers a unique look that features a bead pattern along the inner lip, followed by a deckled veneer that is finished with multiple layers to simulate age and distress, including a taupe gray wash. The profile width is 2-1/2”, and the rabbet depth is 7/16”.

The rustic feel of this beaded bone-colored scooped wood picture frame is ideal for home décor and imagery that captures a spirit of the cowboy lifestyle, along with American desert motifs and Louisiana bayou nature themes. In essence, the feel of the taupe and bone-colored finish is reminiscent of exotic leather perhaps found in these regions.

Another possible pairing with this picture frame would be to frame military photos and memorabilia from a tour in the Middle East, due to the similarities this frame might have to light-colored camouflage.

From a technical perspective, this rustic scooped wood picture frame is best for matted works on paper such as prints, posters, watercolor paintings, drawings, collage, and photography due to the limited 1/2” rabbet depth. However, because the width of this frame is 2-1/2”, slightly deeper canvas paintings may be attached using offset clips, and the width of the frame will minimize the look of the art sticking out from the back of the frame.

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