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Distressed Wood Picture Frame - v1350

This scooped light-brown wood picture frame offers a rugged country western look and features a dusty brown bead along the inner lip, followed by a distressed and deckled burl veneer across the scooped portion of the profile face. The width is 2-1/2”, and the rabbet depth is 7/16”, making this profile ideal for matted works on paper and other thin items such as panel boards.

Not only does this beaded and scooped burl veneer wood picture frame complement a country western motif; it also works well with outback themes, including aboriginal art and also American wildlife art pointing to the Gulf Coast region from Texas to Florida.

Whether you’re framing cowboy poetry, photos from an outdoor excursion, or prints and posters you picked up at a festival, this deckled burl veneer wood picture frame might be the ticket.

Artworks on paper may call for a mat, so you might consider our selection of Crescent acid free archival mats with this rugged light-brown scooped wood picture frame. Colors that pair nicely with this frame include Fawn 9815, Fossil 9511, Olive Branch 9532, Sierra Olive 9822, Mocha Green 9826, Sienna 9818, York 9861, Coffee Bean 9842, Fresh Brew 9590, and Harvest Brown 9835.

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