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Wedding Gift Picture Frame - v1395

This vintage silver picture frame features a small step along the inner lip of the profile, and a distressed finish to simulate the look of aging. The profile width is 5/8”, and the rabbet depth is 1/2”, making this thin silver picture frame ideal for matted photographs and artwork on paper.

The flat shape of this silver picture frame makes it versatile for both vintage and urban contemporary settings. Associations one could make regarding the look and feel of this frame include Brutalist exposed concrete, Modernist interiors with classic warm gray tones, and the World War II era of aviation and industry.

Additionally, consider using this picture frame to celebrate nostalgic moments for your family, such as romantic portraits of grandparents in their prime. Black & white photos and vintage military portraits are an excellent pairing with this silver picture frame.

Possible mats that complement this vintage silver picture frame include archival acid free mats from our offerings, such as Bruxelles 9853, Twilight 9809, Mocha Green 9826, Sierra Olive 9822, and Olive Branch 9532.

Finally, consider this frame as a liner in a stacked frame combination, such as a wide black or silver frame. This vintage silver frame could also be used to frame photos inside of a larger memorial shadowbox frame.

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