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Thin Ornate Black Picture Frame

Width: 5/8
Height: 3/4
Rabbet Height: 1/2
Artwork Size: 8  x 10  ( Change Size )
Price: $19.21
Framers Inventory - 35505
Use the options below to create a complete package including mats, acrylic, backing board and much more!

This thin black decorative picture frame features an ornate pattern that pairs a set of three dots along the outer edge with a set of 3 curved reliefs that repeat down the length of the moulding. The patterned high points are complemented by a dark brown wash that sits in the crevices to simulate an aged look.

The profile width is 5/8”, and the rabbet depth is a mere ½”, so this frame is most ideal on small art items that are not too thick. Matted prints, posters, and original fine art paintings on paper are all appropriate for this black decorative picture frame, along with sepia tone vintage photographs.

Matboard colors that may complement this black decorative wood picture frame include options from our archival selection of acid free mats, such as Coffee Bean 9842, Field Mouse 9597, Pewter 9895, Before Dark 9598, Root Beer 9585, Spice 9836, Toasty 9514, and Sienna 9818.

Additional types of art to consider with this thin black decorative wood picture frame include small paintings on canvas board or rigid hardboard panels, along with embroidery and cross-stitch, and small quilted fabric art or collage, especially rich reds or burnt orange tones.

Project Details
Frame [V1408] Change
Inside Dimensions: 8  x 10 
Approximate Outside Dimensions: 8 7/8 x 10 7/8
Width 5/8
Height 3/4
Rabbet Height 1/2
Cost Per Frame: $19.21
Quantity: 1
Total Cost: $19.21
Pricing for 1 package
Frame: $19.21
Total: $19.21
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