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Black Poster Frame - v660

This black poster frame is perfect for rock concert posters from your favorite band. It offers a contemporary modern feel with design inspiration rooted in ancient Greek design styles, including geometric patterns and spatial concepts rooted in symbolism of the era. This profile is also ideal for fine art prints, drawings, and paintings on paper, especially art that utilizes strong graphic elements and geometry, hard lines, and high contrast design styles.

The profile of this black poster frame features 16 straight line ridges that span the length of the moulding and are parallel to each other. This geometric design element represents the ancient belief that parallel lines never converge, which informed the 2-dimensional design approach to art of that time. It wasn’t until the early Renaissance that one-point perspective and two-point perspective were introduced to the art world, shaping the way we perceive 3-dimensional depth in a 2-dimensional surface.

The black poster frame profile is 1-1/2” wide, making it versatile for large or small art. Additional uses include framing movie posters, screen-printed concert posters, and artwork that references the night sky, stars, and the universe. Colors that might pair nicely with this frame include midnight blue, black, white, and bold red.

The rabbet depth is 9/16”, so this frame could be used for framing a thin stretched canvas, but might be most appropriate for works on paper, whether matted or simply framed with glazing and mounting board.

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