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Gold Art Frame - V159

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This 3 ½” wide pale gold wood picture frame is perfect for original fine art paintings in the plein air tradition, especially landscapes of fields, mountains, river scenes, and vast horizons. The rabbet depth is a mere ½”, but don’t let that deter you from framing deeper canvases. This substantial pale gold picture frame is wide enough to hide stretcher bars from most viewing angles, and stretcher bars deeper than ½” can be secured to the frame with offset clips under the Art Securing Hardware tab of our website.

The look of this large pale gold picture frame is simple and bright. The profile features a rounded ridge near the inner lip, followed by a flat span that leads to an ascending outer ridge that is rounded to highlight the reflection of light off the pale gold finish.

An ideal setting for this pale gold frame is in a gallery show to draw attention to new works. Interior design settings that pair with this frame include American Colonial, French, Arabian, and eclectic styles. The substantial width of this frame lends itself to centerpiece decor to set off a living space. Additional possibilities include framing beveled mirrors and ocean scenes.

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