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Chocolate Brown Photo Frame - V164

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This large, substantial, traditional dark brown picture frame profile offers slight distress markings and warm, light brown coloring that highlights wood grain along rounded peaks and ledges. The profile starts with a swan shape along the inner lip that is wide enough to be a frame unto itself. From there, a ledge drops into a deep, rounded, concave scoop that continues and rounds up as it approaches the outer edge. The profile ends with a series of steps to complete the shape of the profile.

The profile width is 3-1/2” wide, and the rabbet depth is 1-1/8”, making this brown picture frame versatile for any depth up to about 1-1/4”. Technically, a canvas that is 1-1/2” deep would still look lovely in this 3-1/2” wide moulding, but a 1-1/2” thick canvas would stick out the back of the profile by 3/8”.

Large paintings, vintage photographs, mirrors, and home décor pieces that are appropriate to the style and proportions of this dark brown picture frame would all fit well. Consider also the use of a fabric frame liner such as Linc-ow with fillet F107, and you could have a gorgeously framed centerpiece of a sepia tone vintage ship, or a portrait of a beloved chocolate lab.

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