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Wide Black Picture Frame

Width: 2 3/8
Height: 11/16
Rabbet Height: 1/2
Artwork Size: 8  x 10  ( Change Size )
Price: $25.49
Framers Inventory - 900075
Use the options below to create a complete package including mats, acrylic, backing board and much more!

This smooth contemporary black wood picture frame features a small step along the inside edge, and offers a strong, bold look for black and white photography, colorful artwork with bright colors, and posters such as music venue concert posters. The profile width is 2 3/8” and the rabbet depth is ½”.

Due to the ½” rabbet depth, this contemporary black wood picture frame is best suited to matted works on paper and other thin items, but thicker items such as a ¾” stretched canvas will function just fine with the use of offset clips. Items thicker than the ½” rabbet depth will not be flush with the back of the frame.

Music and movie posters featuring solid color backgrounds look good in this bold black picture frame. Keep in mind that silkscreen prints and other limited edition prints should be protected from your glazing choice with the use of either mats or glass spacers to avoid damage.

For collections of original fine art and also prints and posters in a living room setting, such as powerful ocean waves crashing against a lighthouse, or workers eating lunch on a steel beam above New York City, consider using this smooth contemporary black wood picture frame on a large centerpiece. Smaller pieces in a coordinated theme could be framed in V1625 and for a narrow black frame without a small lip, consider V519.

Project Details
Frame [V176] Change
Inside Dimensions: 8  x 10 
Approximate Outside Dimensions: 12 3/8 x 14 3/8
Width 2 3/8
Height 11/16
Rabbet Height 1/2
Cost Per Frame: $25.49
Quantity: 1
Total Cost: $25.49
Pricing for 1 package
Frame: $25.49
Total: $25.49
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