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Silver Picture Frame For Wall - V179

This scooped silver wood picture frame by Omega Moulding offers a bold and blocky look due to the deep 2-1/4” outer walls. The smooth face of the profile scoops slightly out to a flat edge, highlighting the various planes due to a metallic finish. The rabbet depth is 1-1/2”.

Ideal for materials up to 1-1/2” deep, this scooped silver wood picture frame can be used for shadowbox frame projects, as well as stretched canvas paintings up to 1-1/2” deep. Additional uses include traditional framing projects such as matted works on paper, where a thick frame is desired for aesthetic purposes.

Stylistically, this scooped silver wood picture frame by Omega is modern, but also hints at the federal style, minus the rounded ridges common on frames of that period. It could be used to frame original fine art on canvas, or a beveled mirror in an entryway.

For works on paper, a dark or light mat could work well in this frame. Colors to consider from our selection of acid free Crescent mats include White Glove 9500, Dove 9806, Black Belt 9632, Concrete 9594, Moody Blues 9553, Wise Green 9527, Olive Branch 9532, Mocha Green 9826.

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