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Silver Mottled Pewter Picture Frame - V184

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The antique pewter and gold finish of this wood picture frame provides a series of textures that represent the look of silver leaf from generations past. The inner lip features a light gold color with a deckled edge, which leads to the flat silver body of the profile. Both edges of the silver section blend into brown tones that represent oxidation, and the outer edge features a light gold bevel.

The profile width of this antique pewter and gold picture frame is 2-3/16”, and the rabbet depth is 5/8”, making this frame ideal for works on paper and shallow canvas paintings such as canvas boards, rigid hardboard panels, and canvases stretched on thin stretcher bars.

Perhaps the most suitable pairing with this antique pewter and gold picture frame would be antique manuscripts such as music sheets, texts on parchment or vellum, and program guides from a performing arts event or opera. Additional documents may include diplomas, wedding invitations, or home décor words of inspiration.

In consideration of fine art pieces, this antique pewter and gold picture frame is perhaps best suited for fine art etchings, stone lithography, and other works of fine art on paper. Prints, posters, and beveled mirrors would also be appropriate.

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