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Dark Bronze Wall Frame - V194

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This nuanced olive brown and Bronze Wall Frame features subtle hints of red and olive green that creates silvery brown warmth to a profile that generally appears black. The profile width is 1 ¾”, and the rabbet depth is 7/16”, so this profile is best suited to matted prints, posters, and photographs on paper.

The unique and subtle coloring of this bronze wall picture frame is reminiscent of rocky highland grass and mountain landscapes, from Scotland to the hearty California coastline in winter. The dark olive color is a reminder of heavy wool clothing that protects from the harsh wind while visiting these gorgeous environments.

Artwork and photographs that feature earth tones like gray, brown, and beige, along with various dark greens with mustard yellows and sky blue would all work with this dark olive black wood picture frame. Ocean beaches in colder environments, along with parks, grasslands, forests, and other natural settings could all pair with the look of this frame.

Additionally, family portraits and vintage military photos could be a great fit in this dark olive bronze wall frame. Mat colors to consider from our acid free selection includes Mocha Green 9826, Olive Branch 9532, Wise Green 9527, Before Dark 9598, Coffee Bean 9842, Field Mouse 9597, and Hedge Hog 9530.

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