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Vintage Gold Frame - V507

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This is a wide, antique looking gold picture frame with a stylized floral design pattern. It is seen as elegant, romantic, as well as whimsical. It has a delicate feel to it, but is in no way dainty. It measures 2-3/4” wide, with a 1-1/4” design panel. The outer height is 1-3/4”, the side of the moulding is the same consistent antiqued-gold with some contour. The outer 1” of the moulding front consists of a small multiple-step coving which slants sharply to the embossed panel. The panel is flat, embossed, or stamped with a wonderful design reminiscent of various cultural influences. It has a definite folk-art influence such as Mexican, with its pierced look. It can also work well with Middle-Eastern art, or Rococo- influenced art. There is a lip detail, too, echoing the outer detail. The rabbet is 11/16” deep, so it can easily accommodate stretch canvases.

It is best to use this moulding on bold paintings and fine-art prints. It can also be used for impressive beveled mirrors all on its own. There is sufficient depth to construct a shadowbox treatment for old ornate tapestries and textiles which need the protection of museum glass or acrylic. This moulding can handle oversized projects without seeming massive.

On the whimsical side, this would look fabulous on Art Nouveau posters and prints such as those by Mucha, or those teeming with fairy folk. There was also are great resurgence of fanciful designs in the 1960s and 1970s associated with the back-to-nature and hippie movements.

One way to provide a resting space for the eye between the patterned frame and a bolder piece of art is to add one of our frame liners.

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