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Crescent Select 8PLY 32 x 40 Full Sheets

Crescent Select Mat board are made by Crescent Paper Company. They are 8ply boards which make them about 3/16" thick. The boards core is the same color as the surface. Crescent Select Acid free conservation archival mat boards are safe to use on original fine art. They are safe to come in contact with your fine art work. This board meets the conservation standards of the framing industry. It will protect your art and prints while maintaining its beauty with non fading pigment surface colors.
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32x40 57.20 45.34 41.42 38.82 34.71 32.01 28.86
8ply 25700
Vivid White
8ply 25702
Soft White
8ply 25704
8ply 25711
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