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Crescent Select Mat Samples
Conservation Archival Acid Free

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Metallic Gold Rush
Metallic Gold Nugget
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Metallic Gold
Metallic Rose
Oversize Mat Available
Metallic Sun
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Metallic Spanish Gold
Oversize Mat Available
Crescent Select Mat board are made by Crescent Paper Company. They are 4ply boards which make them about 1/16" thick. These mats have a shinny gold or silver finish. Crescent Select Acid free conservation archival mat boards are safe to use on original fine art. They are safe to come in contact your fine art work. This board meets the conservation standards of the framing industry. It will protect your art and prints while maintaining its beauty with non fading pigment surface colors. The core is white. Picture Frame Mat samples are 2"x4" pieces of mat board that are for people who need to make sure that the mat color they see on their monitors are true to life. We have made every effort to make the mat board colors look as close as we can to their true colors but they are not perfect because everyone's monitor colors come across a bit different. There are over a million whites in the world so showing you the subtle differences online is impossible. If you need to make sure about the mat board colors before you order mats then we highly recommend ordering mat board samples so you can be sure the colors are exactly what you need.