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White Picture Frames

The refreshing minimalist aesthetic found in these contemporary white wood picture frames offers a focused vision of purity and infinite clarity, perfect for any contemporary or abstract design setting. De-clutter your walls and draw attention to what matters most: the beautiful art within.
Currently Pricing 8  x 10  Picture Frames
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Small White Rounded Edged Picture Frame
Width: 1/2  |  Rabbet : 7/16
Flat white matte picture frame. Frame is 1/2 inch.
Simple White Picture Frame
Width: 7/8  |  Rabbet : 9/16
This simple, basic white picture frame is a popular choice for small to medium sized artwork. The profile is 7/8” wide, with a rabbet depth of 9/16”, making the profile most suitable for matted photographs, prints, posters, and original works of art on paper. Although this basic white picture frame is less suitable for extra thick items, it might suit stretched canvases that are on shallow stretcher bars.
Tall White Picture Frame
Width: 7/8  |  Rabbet : 1 
White picture frame. Great depth frame with a modern look for canvas art.
White Cube Shaped Picture Frame
Width: 1 1/2  |  Rabbet : 1 
White cube shaped picture frame.
White Scoop Picture Frame
Width: 1 1/4  |  Rabbet : 1/2
White picture frame. Great modern look for just about anything. Web Picture frames carries some of the lowest priced Omega frames.
Smooth white Barn wood Rustic Picture Frame
Width: 1 5/8  |  Rabbet : 1/2
The profile width of this weathered smooth white barnwood picture frame is 1 5/8”, and the rabbet depth is ½”, so the ideal art pairings would not be much deeper than ½” thick. Of course, canvases on ¾” stretcher bar can be attached using offset clips as art securing hardware. Otherwise, it’s best to consider this frame for matted works on paper or paintings on canvas board or thin panels.
Country White Picture Frame
Width: 1 1/2  |  Rabbet : 1/2
Country color rustic marshmallow white.
Real Maple Picture Frame
Width: 1   |  Rabbet : 5/8
This solid maple hardwood picture frame moulding is a soft and simple choice for artists and art lovers alike, especially if you believe presentation should be clean, neutral, and“about the art”. For artists framing an entire show, this genuine maple hardwood frame also has the added benefit of being economical, and durable when transporting to art shows, due to the density of solid maple.
Small Rustic Picture Frame White And Tan
Width: 1   |  Rabbet : 5/8
This ivory and tan, shabby chic picture frame features a unique distressed finish that represents the faux finishing techniques used to turn old frames into something new, such as the use of hide glue and milk paint, among other methods, to create unique textures on a surface. The profile width is 1”, and features a small, gray, downward step along the outside edge of picture frame. The face of the profile is flat, with a multi-layered distressed finish, and the outer wall of this frame is a weathered gray finish.
Large Rustic Picture Frame White And Tan
Width: 2 3/8  |  Rabbet : 9/16
This distressed, shabby chic picture frame features a multi-layered, textured, sand colored finish on a smooth, slightly angled profile face. The outer edge of the profile features a weathered gray finish, with a small groove followed by a swan shape. The profile width is 2 ¼” and the rabbet depth is ½”.
Antique White Rustic Wood Picture Frame
Width: 1 3/16  |  Rabbet : 3/8
Limited Stock. Antique white rustic picture frame with alternating scrolling, brown highlights. This picture frame works great on beach and coast art.
Inexpensive Natural Picture Frame
Width: 3/4  |  Rabbet : 1 
This picture frame moulding features a laminate finish with the look of maple grain in a soft ivory color. The profile shape is ideal for contemporary art on canvas with it’s ¾” width and 1 ¼”outer depth. The 1” deep rabbet allows room for a fabric-covered frame liner such as Linc-wt. This moulding is also ideal for the price-conscious shopper, as an economical alternative to solid hardwood.
Tall Canvas Real Natural Maple Picture Frame
Width: 3/4  |  Rabbet : 1 1/2
Picture frame is genuine maple it is perfect for larger stretched canvas picture.