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Cheap Gold Frame - V805

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This affordable pale gold ornate wood picture frame features a regal design aesthetic for traditional home décor and fine art prints, to enhance living spaces that feature a warm, opulent, and inviting luxurious feel.

The profile width is 1-3/8”, and starts at the inner lip with a small gold bead with gray wash in the surrounding crevices to simulate age. From there, a slight ridge of pale gold accentuates a metallic reflection, followed by a concave scoop that ascends to a decorative gold pattern that is reminiscent of a vine or perhaps a fishing hook. The rabbet depth is 7/16”.

The ideal use of this affordable pale gold ornate wood picture frame includes bulk framing for artists, production framing for hotels, and any paper items that would be enhanced by mats and glazing, such as fine art prints, documents for a business establishment, and nature photography from established artists.

Interior design settings that are enhanced by this affordable pale gold ornate wood picture frame include warm, regal settings that include pale gold and earthy yellow and green wallpaper coverings, such as vertical striped patterns, along with warm ivory or hay colors.

Acid free mats to consider with this affordable gold frame include Half & Half 9509, Bruxelles 9853, Tawny 9810, Lentil 9528, Olive Branch 9532, and Sage Advice 9525.

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