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Brown Picture Frame - V1602

This simple and affordable dark Brown Picture Frame features the look of wood grain on a wooden substrate. The profile width is 1-1/4” and the rabbet depth is 1/2”.

Due to the depth of this simple dark brown picture frame, this economical wood framing option is best suited for matted works on paper such as prints, posters, and watercolor paintings, but thin canvases will be accommodated by this frame. Additionally, canvas boards and hardboard panels are an ideal substitute for deep stretched canvas paintings.

Due to the economical benefit of choosing this affordable brown picture frame, a good setting for this simple dark brown wood picture frame includes college dorm rooms and living spaces for younger generations.

Styles or genres of art that could work in this brown wood picture frame include drawings of nature, watercolor paintings, and children’s art, along with photo collages and portrait photography such as senior portraits. You might also consider bold and stylized forms of expression such as vibrant pastels to counter the simplicity of this contemporary frame, but subtle, soothing colors that are close to nature are perhaps best suited to this frame.

Acid free mat colors to consider with this affordable wood picture frame include Sienna 9818, Hedge Hog 9530, Toasty 9514, Coffee Bean 9842, Field Mouse 9597, and Dove 9806.

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