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Wedding Photo Frame - V107

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This classic cosmopolitan silver wood picture frame by Omega Moulding offers a universal aesthetic that complements a variety of styles and genres of art and decor. The profile starts at the inner lip with a swan shape, then a recessed flat span, followed by an ascending ridge and a black outer wall. The profile width is 2-1/8”, and the rabbet depth is 1/2”.

While somewhat formal and traditional, this classic cosmopolitan silver wood picture frame bridges the styles of early modernism and the neoclassical federal style, while also remaining relevant in a contemporary urban setting.

Artwork themes, genres, and styles that might pair with this classic cosmopolitan silver wood picture frame include still-life paintings, portraiture, landscapes, and other representational art. Other styles include abstract, non-objective paintings that feature bold color and interesting decorative and design-centric elements.

Artworks on paper that might pair with this Omega cosmopolitan silver wood picture frame include watercolor paintings, giclee prints, lithographs, serigraphs, silkscreen prints, drawings, sketches, photographs, and posters.

Acid free archival mats that might complement your paper items in this Omega cosmopolitan wood picture frame include Crescent Select options like Pure White 9804, White Collar 9501, Wise Green 9527, Olive Branch 9532, Underbrush 9603, Sienna 9818, Twilight 9809, and Black Belt 9632.

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