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Black Floating Frame For Canvas - V551

This frame will support artwork up to 1 1/2" deep
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Black floating frame for canvas prints and original art. Stretched canvas art must be 1-1/2" thick or less. The finish is black over a gesso base on a real wood substrate, with a thin, metallic silver line along both front edges of the profile. The front of the frame is nearly 5/16” wide, but visually appears more like 1/4” due to the relationship of the thin silver lines next to black.

The black floating frame for canvas style originated in the post-WWII era as a strictly functional and economic way to protect canvases, which led to its growing popularity as an intentional design aesthetic for the long-term presentation of art.

This particular profile incorporates a clean, contemporary feel to the black floating frame for canvas design concept, and works especially well with digital art and photography, in the form of giclée printing on canvas. Other contemporary forms of digital art that might pair well with this floater frame include acrylic face-mounting, dye-sublimation printing on aluminum, and laser-engraved products.

When ordering this black floating frame for canvas, be sure to let us know how thick your art is under the Art Securing Hardware section of your project page. You may also write us a Note to Framer to specify if you want "blocks" provided with your order. This allows for the surface of the artwork to be raised closer to the front plane of the profile (the face). But keep in mind – it is always recommended that your art be set back at least 1/8” from the face of the frame.