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UV Non Glare Glazing - AcrNgUV

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Conservation Reflection Control Acrylic, also known as UV non-glare acrylic, is an upgrade from Non- Glare Acrylic, by combining the characteristics of Conservation Clear Acrylite with OP-3 filtering technology and the non-glare attributes that lose reflection clarity by diffusing light reflections. In other words, UV Non-Glare acrylic looks like Non-Glare acrylic, but it protects from fading.

When assembling your framing project, treat UV Non-Glare acrylic the same as you would ordinary non- glare acrylic – with the non-glare side facing out. To clean UV Non-Glare acrylic, use the same techniques listed for cleaning regular acrylic: wear nitrile gloves, peel back the protective film from both sides, and clean the acrylic with ammonia-free cleaner on a lint-free microfiber cloth, wiping lightly to prevent scratches.
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