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Dark Solid Walnut - V623

This frame will support artwork up to 1 1/2" deep
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Floating art frame features real dark walnut side wall. Perfect floater frame for art 1-1/2" thick or less. This is a dark espresso brown moulding with a 5/16”wide face. The solid wood substrate is genuine walnut hardwood, and it is stained to be similar to black, while maintaining the warmth of a burnt umber.

Floating art frame choices are not recommended for art that needs a mat or glazing, because there is no inner lip on a floater. Instead, choose this profile option if you are framing original canvases or giclée prints on canvas. The concept of a floater frame is that you can maximize the visible image area on a canvas by attaching the art with screws from the back of the frame. This eliminates the need to cover the edge of your art.

About the style: The concept of the floating art frame originated with Post-Modernism, when color field painters, perhaps the likes of Leon Berkowitz or Mark Rothko, needed an inexpensive but protective edge for their canvases. This minimalist and utilitarian approach to framing started with the use of painted or unfinished lattice strips, and has become a fashionable and popular design aesthetic.

For the best visual effect, it is recommended that a gap reveal of 1/4” be allowed between the frame face and the canvas of this walnut floating art frame. This makes the art appear to be “floating” in the frame.

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