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Real Walnut Float Frame - V625

This frame will support artwork up to 1 1/2" deep
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Ideal floating gallery frame for art 1-1/2" thick or less. This genuine walnut float frame represents the timeless quality that comes with the wisdom of selecting excellent materials when producing fine craftsmanship. This floater-style wood picture frame features the innate attributes of solid walnut hardwood, such as a durability that comes from the density of the wood.

The floating gallery frame profile is a standard L-shape, which allows a stretched canvas to be attached to the floater frame from the back side with screws that go through the back of the frame and then bite into the stretcher bar. This method of framing became a common mid-century aesthetic after artists began framing their large expressionist and color field paintings in a similar floater style for the sake of economy and transport.

Today, the floating gallery frame style has erupted in popularity and into various profile designs and finishes, in every price range. Due to the exceptional quality of this solid walnut floater frame, the pricing is higher than other floater frames of a similar size but worth every penny to those with discriminating taste.

A common floater reveal would be 1/4”, meaning that the most common spacing between the art and the frame’s side wall is 1/4”, but other widths may be selected by clicking on the Floater Reveal button. If you choose a small reveal, just be aware of how straight or out-of-square your canvas might be, and you’ll want to make sure all the folds of your canvas fit within the parameters of the floating gallery frame.

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