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Picture Frame In Spanish Brown - V641

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This wide, scooped, embossed picture frame in Spanish black and brown features a relief pattern inspired by the look of a traditional Spanish mantilla, or religious veil. The profile is nearly 3-1/2” wide, with a 3/4” rabbet depth, making this substantial profile ideal for anything from stretched canvas paintings, to heavy mirrors, to small matted fine art prints and decorative art posters.

The symbolism of a Spanish mantilla in the embossed patterning of this scooped wood picture frame is representative of the traditional notion that sacred things must be veiled. Important and iconic imagery that adds meaning to one’s life is ideally suited to pair with this frame, such as heirlooms, family portraits, artwork of a religious or spiritual nature, and mirrors.

Interior design styles that this picture frame complements include Spanish Renaissance, Mexican, and Mediterranean aesthetics. Warm earth tones such as khaki, sand, and terra cotta all enhance the feel of this picture frame, and this includes acid free archival mat colors such as Russet 9834, Catcher’s Mitt 9584, Wet Sand 9515, and Sand Trap 9513.

Finally, consider the scale of this picture frame, and you will find that this profile is appropriate for both large and small items. For a small 6x6 original canvas or panel painting, for example, this wide, scooped picture frame could make a statement that the art contained within is important and worthy of consideration, especially in a sea of other paintings and décor in a room.

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