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Rococo Picture Frame Gold - V128

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This ornate copper-gold picture frame features decorative ornamentation that distinguishes the profile as a historical design choice loosely inspired by the Roman Empire, and perhaps the ancient Etruscan civilization.

The profile of this ornate gold picture frame starts with a steep bevel along the inner lip, ending with a slight ridge and then a flat area about 3/16” wide. The body of the profile then protrudes upward with the look of flower petal curves in a distinct decorative ornamentation pattern. The crevices throughout the ornamentation feature a cool beige wash that has the appearance of oxidation on copper.

This ornate gold picture frame is ideal for matted original art on paper, along with prints and posters. Watercolors, pencil drawings, pen & ink drawings, and fine art relief prints and intaglio prints could all pair with this ornate gold picture frame, along with offset lithography posters of famous, traditional oil paintings.

A few themes that might be appropriate for this ornate gold picture frame include Mediterranean landscapes, Renaissance art, and contemporary paintings that exude a rich, sophisticated feel. Small paintings with large creamy mats would have a marvelous look, as would medium-size paintings on thin panel. Technically, this frame has a shallow rabbet depth, so stretched canvases might be better off with a different frame choice.

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